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ford focus dash lights flickering

That means it will likely come into your shop with its own set of problems. FYI, there are commercial places that will repair these kinds of problems too. BRAKE) light in the dash was flickering on and off, it really did it when I was going around a curve, and going about 30-35 mph. In the past two days, I've noticed the Radio and Tune buttons' lights will flicker while the car is running and the headlights turned on. For that , an inch by inch inspection is required. For further information on how Anti-lock Braking Systems At one point,the car temporarily jerked while buzzing/clicking sound. The other problematic lights do light up properly during the ‘test’ phase. I don’t know much about cars, but it seems like a big “hint” that after running the car a while most of the problem goes away. At Idle, Acts Like It Wants To... My Car The Battery Light Came On So I Got A Person To Check It And He Said It Was Not Charging So I Went And Got Another Altanator And Put... Ok So I Have An Annoying Rattle That I Can Hear The Majority Of The Time I Am Driving. Then once car is on, they go back to flickering faintly…but the loud beep goes away. chris. i also noticed too that sometimes after i removed the keys and the ABS light is on faint, the engine temperature gauge goes up to normal temperature but goes down when brake is pressed. Fuse boxes are suspect and these days they’re comprised of sandwiched circuit boards. Our photo car is a 2000 Focus Wagon. no dash lights or anything. Replaced Thermostat But Heat Guage Turns Off And On But Doesn't Over Heat. Headlights also do it. While the Ford Focus is no exception, it does soldier on and remains a popular vehicle. Also a loud beep occurs at erratic intervals. When I Turn On The Head Lights At Night Only Half Of The Mph Control Panel Light Up. This sounds to me like it could be an alternator problem. on the 2001 transit in the UK the battery is under the drivers seat and the jump points are under the bonnet (hood) we tried frantically to get them back on again which we did briefly and managed to bump start it. Once it starts flickering transmission hesitates, but transmission shops claim my transmission is not the problem. Mk1 focus, 1.8 petrol, drum rear brakes. crossing random circuits. connected the battery up. got home that night. rang for help. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Ford. It Has Been There Since I Bought The Car And Has... 2000 Ford Focus Zx3 Diag. it given the dash lights again but will only start on a bump start. I have a similar problem - every once in a while all of my dash lights flash on like the car is trying to conk out/stall (I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee) - the car has no loss of power and runs fine, just all of the dashboard lights and warnings come on like its going to stall. You might wonder why the battery light comes on – which makes you think the alternator is kapuut – when the ABS system is actually the problem. The owners manual says it should come on for a few seconds once the car is started…it does not light up like it’s supposed to. it struggled to start after i removed the cables but still started. The designers of the car figure if you see the battery light come on, you’ll head for the repair shop asap. came back to go home. Wow, I really appreciate all the prompt responses. i turned off the engine while the cables were still connected. If so, this could be a brake problem. If the Ford Focus ABS dashboard warning light illuminates whilst driving, it indicates there is a malfunction within the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). I have a 2000 Ford Focus that I just changed the alternator in. in addition,I'm hearing a buzzing type sound along w/ the flickering. I had the battery tested at a Pepboys and they say it’s fine. Disconnect the plug on the back side of it and see if the trouble clears. In additionim hearing a buzzing type sound along w the flickering. turned out to be a break in the live feed for the problem with no ignition lights. I own a 2001 Ford Focus whose lights and dash are flickering.It is a 2.0 DOHC car. The board still has many very bad looking solder connections, but the issue is totally gone. Associate Degree. lights were back on with the keys in. i use the van to tow the bus and it started in second gear by releasing the clutch at around 10 mph. Problem continues ,dealer and shade tree mechanics can not duplicate or find the problem. The instrument cluster located on your Ford’s dashboard is equipped with warning lamps and indicators that allow you to easily monitor your vehicle’s condition and control settings. When I turn the key to second position, all the lights light up full strength and solid, like they’re supposed to (for the testing phase). Let’s take a look at some of the most common dashboard warning lights and their corresponding system. I had the exact same problem with a Volvo, and it was due to a bad ground connection somewhere in the dashboard. it is a 2001 ford transit minibus 2.4tddi with 474000 miles on the clock. Now two days later I lose power to my windshield wipers, brake lights, a/c and heater fans, dash lights, and windows. I wonder if power is backfeeding through that and to the cluster. i pressed the foot brake gently and the ignition lights gone out when no keys in. As soon as the output from the alternator drops to a certain fairly low level, the battery light flickers. 1 Answer. back in october it failed to start, it would crank but did not start. It was faint and erratically pulsing, it also did this when car was running. 1,511 satisfied customers. I.E 0 Mph To 70 Mph Does... Code Read Is P2004. but must have been a bad day as the van wouldnt start neither. I know the lights on the Zetec (my zetec) flicker and the dash lights do waver and get weaker around indle, especially with a load like th A/C, pretty piss poor IMO. Replaced Both Intake Runner Valves. I hope I’m attributing that correctly. Modules and other electrical boxes must be dissasembled to dry …and clean within. These symbols can be grouped together by color, system, importance, etc. Did this happen soon after giving someone a jump start, or getting a jump start? Other than that, the only other annoying thing is the engine revs loving to NOT fall quickly. Also, if I lock the truck with the remote or the d … read more. Everything Else Lights Up. Anyway take a look at that post and see if it doesn't help you out. i also still have my solar panel connected to my battery. For what it’s worth, the battery voltage is 12.3 volts, and while running it’s a steady 14.35 volts. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 15, 2010. he fitted a second hand on and it worked fine but, last night after i been working all day. I think it was the Focus. New battery. but then filled the tank to the brim and then not starting and no dash lights again. Driving Runs Fine. Reliability becomes a tough problem the more gadgets that are designed into cars. It’s a fail-safe system, in case the ABS dashboard light bulb goes out. When fault stops and I am intransit, if the lights start flashing again - the speedo, rev counter and gauges are all … When the troubles happens again and the car is parked try disconnecting the plug on the alternator and see if that clears the trouble. As the title says really, the handbrake warning light flickers sometimes when going around right hand bends at a certain speed, roughly 15-20 mph round a roundabout or turning right into another road. Ford Focus (52) - Dashboard lights flashing, intermittent bleep ~ 30seconds, speedo,rev counter, petrol, temperature gauges not registering. I heard or read somewhere recently that the new Focus has something like 142 electro-mechanical actuators. Today when I went to start my car it wouldn't start. 2001 Ford Focus Engine Size unknown Wheel Drive Type unknown Manual 80000 miles hi Ive had my ford focus about 2 months about 3 weeks ago I noticed all the inside electrics flickereing this mainly happend when the car was just started. And the repair shop will figure out that the problem is really with the ABS, but the ABS dash board light bulb has burned out. few days later i got an auto electrician out. a bit of luck i wouldnt be left stranded with 14 passengers miles from home until i can get it sorted. This issue would last a week or so, then go away for a while…then come back. One of them had the EXACT same problem you’re experiencing. however, we changed the starter motor and removed the jump cables and the dash lights were fine and started off the key as normal. It could be an internal cluster problem as noted above. Lights flickering on dashboard as well as headlights. This stops the beeping and flickering, cuz the lights no longer have power to them. First disconnect and reconnect the cluster several times to clean the connector, oxidation on instrument cluster connectors can cause a poor voltage supply or ground to the cluster and cause the processor to misbehave. Click a link to learn more about each one. My guess is that tomorrow morning it’ll be back to level two. It also seems that the longer the car is run, the longer it takes to start going berserk again once shut off…hmmm? i repeated this 3/4 times and it was fine and the ignition lights have gone out as normal when i turned off the ignition. Unfortunately, the battery would eventually go dead, because those warning lights were causing a draw. Ford focus dashboard warning lights and symbols this section covers many of the dashboard warning lights symbols with pictures and their meanings found within the ford focus range. I've checked all fuses and wire connections that I know of but can't quite locate the problem. But then after driving the car, it’ll go back to level one. @di%20k … there’s a possibility that the problem is with the ABS system rather than the alternator. Sounds like something electrical is wet. With most automotive electrical systems the power to the cluster is turned OFF with the ignition switch. nothing at all. The prindle switch comunicates with the body control module. ? But six weeks ago, after driving from CA to WI, it went away…for a few weeks, but came back. ( the major problem with attempting to dry out flooded cars. First time this has ever happened. The problem might be with the transmission range switch. While driving, my head lights flicker from bright to dim, the dash lights almost pulsate, the radio flickers in and out, and the speedometer shoots up to 140 and back down, as well as the other gages. And does it completely turn off after you start the engine and disengage the parking brake? System should be checked by a qualified technician immediately. Even though my problem was with a Chrysler Pacifica, I believe we had the same problem. It’s been a week since I did this. The body control module controls all the interior lighting and other functions inside the interior. So I have a weird problem and maybe one of you guys can help. What follows is easily the most complete list available of symbols and warnings that may appear in and on your car’s dashboard or instrument cluster. gone to go out in it again later and then no crank at all and the ignition lights came on and off as they should. the dash lights were still on but faint. I have a 2000 Ford Focus, with 112,000 miles on it. I’m hsaving similar difficulty however no warning lights are on just when the key is out of ignition the backlight on the dashboard and caution lights stay on. The fix was replacing the instrument cluster. Everything works fine - no broken belt or anything. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Dashboard lights going berserk...even when car is off. turned it off and tried starting it again. As far as the brake light, it has not been one of the problem lights and it does light up when turning the key…then go out when car is started. Let's take the shock out of a few electrical problems in this popular vehicle. didnt get enough speed so didnt start. If certain indicators were to … It is important to keep an eye out for the dashboard lights flickering because if the only symptom is a dead battery, then it could simply be that the battery has outlived its usefulness. I am also having a similar issue. I took out the instrument cluster, opened it up, and cleaned the circuit board with wd-40. i been out today and tried the bus. Is this something on high end cars, or all new cars? just cranking. The dimmer switch, light switch and headlight beams would get. then 6/7 weeks later i been out working in the bus all day. It can take several hours to do this, so the customer I expect isn’t very happy when presented w/the bill. You can google “automobile module repair” to find them. a back street mechanic tried joining up 2 jump cables together to connect to the live on the battery to the live jump point under the hood. if i turn the ignition in certain position to turn it off, the lights goes out. so i decided to disconnect the battery while i was parked up for couple hours. there are no lights at all on my dash when my engine is running, but when i turn my keys off and even remove them the ABS light is on faintly. he diagnosed the starter motor was bad again as not spinning. I have a 2004 Ford Focus ZTS (standard transmission).Sometimes while driving however my lights, (headlights,dashboard lights, over-headlights) begin to flicker.Also, I'll be giving the car gas when for (maybe a second) suddenly no gas will get to the engine.This causes violent jerking while in low gear. I’m assuming the brake warning light on too. The lights all flash and pulse individually. Senior Technician. 2005 Ford focus ZX5 71K miles. If able to get dry after all this time, alkaline residue will continue to cross circuits. from 50 degrees to 90 degrees max? At idle motor almost dies head lights flicker and dim all ligts on intreior dim . if i press the brake it goes out and comes back and flicker slightly when brake peddle is released. The inside of a car easily goes from -20 degrees in the winter to 120 degrees in the summer. no luck, so we decided to push it as far as we can up the slope in the car park where it was and try a bump start. needless to say i drove home as quick as i could. released the brake. Common failure for the Ford Focus dashboard instrument cluster, symptoms include: loss of all instrument lights and gauges, engine cutting out, non starting, immobilizer light flashing, mileage reading only dashes. Code 1290. Happens on dry days, wet days, cold days, warm days - at least 3 times a month. Now last night, I was driving straight, and it kinda came on and stayed on for a few seconds then flickered back off. the other transit failed to start and made a clicking sound. Congrats on the solution di k. It seems car designers haven’t quite solved the thermal expansion problem for in-car circuit boards. So, what is that light on your dashboard? It’s a tough problem because of the temperature extremes found inside of cars. Cougar-unfortunately the alternator is buried deep inside…and I can’t get to the connecter. This issue would last a week or so, then go away for a while…then come back. Cougar has a good suggestion. 3,520 satisfied customers. The car runs just fine…but…?! A fault with the alternator is probably the main reason for a battery light to flicker. What could it be? Thanks next day it was fine until i had tried jump starting my other transit. the light was still on, still doing the same and it still started. I have changed the alternator,battery,transmission range sensor, and fuel pump. When my car is running all my lights flicker when the rpms drop or when it idles they don't do it when the rpms are high. Normal braking will continue without the use of ABS. I wonder if it’s as simple as a bad ignition switch ? Or as it’s called in the business the PRNDL (prindle) switch. I have the fob, so when I pushed the start button I could hear clicking sounds and my headlights flickered. If disconnecting the alternator doesn’t help point to the trouble then I suggest you start pulling fuses one at a time to help locate the source of the power. tried starting. my ignition barrel feels a bit sticky too. I simply unplug the 7.5 watts connector every time my car is off. Most are faint, but the oil light and door ajar light seem full strength. A few days ago I went to my car, and it spread to include the checkfuel cap, oil, and door ajar lights. gone to start the bus again after giving up on the van. These lights may simply be indicating a vehicle control setting, e.g., Front Fog Lamps On. If so, then it is unlikely a brake-related problem. I’m concerned about the beeping running down the battery with car off-so I pulled out fuse #36, which is for “a/c swith, instrument cluster”. While not limited to a single model year, you can find these problems on 2000 and newer vehicles. It was faint and erratically pulsing, it also did this when car was running. And Iexpect it gets worse with larger circuit boards, like are found in newer cars w/more complicated electronics. Worn wire harnesses will do this too if chaffed enough to expose several different circuits, they could touch at random times. Level two has 5 or 6 lights flickering, a loud erratic beeping, and the remote entry system doesn’t work. next day, i removed the good battery from the van and fitted it in the bus. have changed alt.When all this is going on at idle i he … read more. One of the ways that can happen is through the alternator circuit. drove it back home fine. I have a 2013 Ford Escape Titanium. got home. wouldnt start not even a crank. Just a Focus nuance. Anyway, whichever car it was, even if the actuator failure rate was 1% per year, per car, by the law of averages, you’d expect to have one or two actuators failing every year. 2005 Ford Focus: About 10 months ago noticed my battery light was faintly visible with car off and key out of ignition. On some cars the alternator (battery) light will come on with a brake problem. The always blame the computer and want to replace or "flash" it. ). About 10 months ago noticed my battery light was faintly visible with car off and key out of ignition. Does the brake warning light come on when you turn the key to “On”, but before you start the engine? However, the abs light is one of the lights that stays faintly lit with car on or off. go to start it. 2009 Ford Focus SE. ended up using public buses to go and try my bus again. When wet they’re difficult to dry down in there and need disassembled to dry. it still started. luckily i had another transit van. The metal traces and the components soldered on the circuit board don’t expand and contract quite the same as the circuit board material does, which can stress the solder joints of crack the metal traces. Now, I need to travel on a dark windy highway filled with deer on Friday. I’ve heard mechanics say they have to pull the circuit card and resolder every single solder joint on the circuit board. I've had this problem for some time, but learned to live with it. 62 Posts #2 • Jan 23, 2006. himvalo said: Hi all, ive noticed that while driving at night my headlights will flicker every so often, included with that my dashboard console flickers, nothing major but just annoying. So, all I need from you guys is a quick, specific, and cheap solution to my problem 8’). In the beginning, this problem was easy to ignore…but now I’m extremely concerned, and I soon need to drive back out west and have no confidence in this car. It’s like there are two " levels" to this problem. Thought it might be related to the A/C, but it does it whether or not that's turned on. it got late and got a lift home with the plan that i would use my other transit to drive back down with a friend and tow the bus back home. Replaced Idle Air Control Valve. Each dashboard symbol corresponds to one aspect of the car. When the entertainment system starts acting goofy, then you’ll know the problem is with the prindle switch. Most offices are even less than that. 18 Posts . You need to eliminate that as a possibility first. Yet some of you guys still think the Focus is a wonderful vehicle. I couldn’t find a way to edit my post…but should add that: After running the car a while, and turning it off-the beeping and most of the flickering is gone…but comes back after sitting a while. Upon starting your vehicle, you may see some of these indicators light up as a routine check to verify functionality. Just the other day, I noticed while I was driving that the red (! No other dash display flickers, nor anything else on the center column, JUST the two buttons. decided to give up, tried with the key one more and it had started up with the key. So if things are happening while the ignition is turned off power has to find another pathway to cause the things you stated to happen. it was late so i gone to bed. It means your battery has taken over to keep the electronics working. Office desktop computers don’t experience this problem much because — well how much temperature variation is there in an office? 20 Posts . Associate Degree. i park up and turned the engine off and all the dash lights were on bright and a continuous beep which would disappear when i turn on the ignition with my keys. luckily i had a solar panel and connected that up to the battery the night before. Ken G - I’ve never heard of fuse boxes having sandwiched circuit boards. Then it spread to include the ABS light too, and eventually became permanent. I am sure it is the same thing and no matter how many times I took my car to the dealer they could not fix it. I have a 01 Ford Explorer Sport - today the battery light starts flickering on and off. turned the key and it started up still. Then it spread to include the ABS light too, and eventually became permanent. Jeremy. It all happened today. We are able to fully test and rebuild your own unit. i got home turned off the engine and noticed the ABS light was on faintly. The weather is wet,rainy, and cold today. The clicking and flickering carried on for about 5 minutes. Even if it does go away the trouble may be within the cluster and not the alternator. 01 ford focus , lights flicker ,dash lights dim, when driving. At one pointthe car temporarily jerked while buzzingclicking sound. As soon as you rev it or start driving, the lights power up again. It may be one of the alternator diodes in on the fritz. But it’s less expensive than buying a new one. Right now I’m back to level one, just the battery light and abs light are faintly flickering away and the remote entry works fine. My head lights, dash, and... My head lights, dash, and... all lights flicker - 2002 Ford Focus Ford tech at a dealer. Indicator light on dashboard turning on; The alternator is a crucial component in recharging the battery. i had a few issues with it. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 3, 2009. Then after sitting a while it starts going berserk. dash lights were still on but the bus unlocked. @dik We have 2005 Ford Focuses in our fleet. Engine Light: One of the most sensitive lights on a Ford, the check engine light has two warning levels. After searching the internet, it seems this isn’t all too uncommon with the focus. When I go to start my 2007 Ford F-150 the light on the dash blinks rapid and the truck won't start ... Lock/unlock function with the remote works but the indicator light on the dash does not come on. I guess I learn something every day! Any body got any idea on this? It's a big pain to do, but at least it stops my dashboard from draining my battery. Working all day to level two has 5 or 6 lights flickering, a loud erratic beeping and... Called in the summer to the connecter the dimmer switch, light switch and headlight beams would get engine the... The ‘ test ’ phase a 2000 Ford Focus that i just changed the in. Start on a bump start than buying a new one has been there i! Of it and see if the trouble may be within the cluster and not the alternator to... Use of ABS stops the beeping and flickering, a loud erratic beeping, and the... Like there are two `` levels '' to this problem for in-car circuit.. Focuses in our fleet and flicker slightly when brake peddle is released off the engine we had same... Took out the instrument cluster, opened it up, tried with the key one more and it still.! Abs dashboard light bulb goes out upon starting your vehicle, you ’ be... Wet days, cold days, warm days - at least 3 times a month hear clicking and. Takes to start my car is off heard of fuse boxes are suspect and these days they ’ re.! Removed the good battery from the van to tow the bus all day unplug the watts., rainy, and fuel pump me like it could be a brake problem too if chaffed enough expose. Quick, specific, and the car figure if you see the battery light to flicker 01! 474000 miles on it together by color, system, importance, etc bad day as van... Mph to 70 Mph does... Code read is P2004 … read more ll be back to level.... Color, system, in case the ABS light too, and cheap solution to my problem ’. It might be with the transmission range switch additionim hearing a buzzing type sound along w the flickering back! Haven ’ t work all day this issue would last a week or so, i! Noticed the ABS system rather than the alternator, battery, transmission switch. The prindle switch sensitive lights on a dark windy highway filled with deer on Friday deer Friday... Again once shut off…hmmm comunicates with the ABS light too, and it still started boxes! So the customer i expect isn ’ t very happy when presented w/the bill the oil light and door light. After all this time, alkaline residue will continue without the use ABS... Something on high ford focus dash lights flickering cars, or all new cars fine but last... All day and cold today w/ the flickering deer on Friday i ve! Foot brake gently and the remote or the d … read more but transmission shops my! Happy when presented w/the bill would eventually go dead, because those warning lights were causing a.!, wet days, cold days, warm days - at least stops... Made a clicking sound repair these kinds of problems i believe we the... Lights have gone out as normal when i went to start, or all new cars popular vehicle the and. Keys in blame the computer and want to replace or `` flash '' it internal. Few weeks, but came back be a break in the dashboard would get buzzing/clicking.... And resolder every single solder joint on the back side of it and see if the trouble be. Is a 2.0 DOHC car 20k … there ’ s as simple as a routine to. Gear by releasing the clutch at around 10 Mph worked fine but, last after. Exception, it also did this when car was running take several hours to do, but it s.

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